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My daughter Michelle had been diagnosed and put on medication for Ulcerative Colitis.  I told her doctor about your book and the changes we were making, he was skeptic and said he didn’t believe it would help.  She felt better and stopped medications over a year ago. Recently, in August, we went to the GI doctor for another endoscopy.  After the test, he said he couldn’t believe she looked so good!  I asked him if now he was willing to read you book.  He laughed and said not yet, but if we could fix it with diet then go ahead!  Thank you for a changed life through your book!

Jenn Ford


Tara has a special place in our family’s hearts. She helped us to begin a journey of changing our diet and lifestyles more than four years ago.  Our health improved greatly as we continued to research further into the path that she introduced us to. When she published her book, we read it and share it with others. We are finally on the right track toward maintaining our own good health. I personally have been able to eliminate three out of four of my prescribed medications and have been symptom free for the past three years. My allergies no longer exist. My husband and I have both achieved normal blood levels at all of our physical exams. Our Doctor said, “Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it!”  Thank you Tara, for inspiring our family and for writing a book to share with the world!!!!